Sunday, September 14, 2008

2nd Celebration of Baby Sara's Birthday

Well, this post is specially thanks to Pauline who organised another birthday celebration for Baby Sara a week later of the previous one. A lot of friends turn up too.

Feature AiLim and Baby Sara

Feature Joyce, Baby Sara and Pauline

Thanks for coming... kay peng, ailim, joyce, peng leong, mok,

We are Family. Pauline, Sara and Me.

That night Sara was too excited as too many photo was taken and she forced me take more.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Celebration of Baby Sara 1-year-old Birthday

After a 2 and a half hours journey we finally reach my father's hometown @ Jementah, Johor. 1st August was baby sara birthday, in fact, we celebrate her chinese lunar calender birthday in advance for this trip.

Look, Baby Sara who is hugging you? That's right my dad. Baby Sara grand father. Sara was too excited after someone hand over an "Ang Pow" for her.

Everyone includes my parents and relatives at Johor were busy preparing for Baby Sara's birthday like food, the praying ceremony and etc. Well this was the outcome. hahahahhahahahh of course this is only for Sara. We had others more delicious food instead.

This is the food for Baby Sara at her birthday. Don't ask me why there are 2 eggs, a drumstick, mushroom and vercimille. i don't know at all. Of course she can't finished all lar. I'm the one who finished all at the end. But seriously, it taste good.
This photo featured My Dad My Mom and our maid.

After the meal, we had a very "traditional chinese" practice which was to let baby sara to choose an item out of a few options below. According to the elderly, the item that the baby choose will be the one she likes a lot and will do in the future. So let's see what happen next. I also want to know what she actually likes. Feel free to guess now.

This includes a pencil, an egg, a calculator,a book and confectionary.

Guess what. Sara didn't pick up any item besides the "big plate". and mess the whole plate on the floor. muahahhahahahaha this is really a joke including myself.

in fact, the first trial she picks up the red egg. but my auntie says normally baby will up eggs and they wrongly put the egg inside the big plate. so it ends up she messed everything not only once but twice. hahhahahahahaha. She has character!!!

After that, it was the birthday song section and cakes.

My mom was too busy to assist sara to blow the candle and cut the cake. Sara was so excited and keep on move herself foward to play everything on the table including the knife.

A couple of travelling again and we have reach home sweet home again.

Baby Sara is 11 months old

At 11 months old baby sara seems to understand and know alot of things liao. for example our normal conversation or tv series. besides, she starts to stick with both of us and she already knows how to call *Pa Pa*. So sweet, indeed.

Here are some of her daily snapshots.

Baby sara will be 1 year old next month on 1st August. Our family has decided to celebrate her birthday @ my father's hometown, Jementah, Johor since she didn't manage to went back during her fullmoon. Next post will be her birthday photos.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Emergency admission to the Hospital

Poor Sara was admitted to the Damansara Specialist Hospital for emergency in June 2008. She had a bad fever and the her temperature fluctuates and at once hits up to 40 degrees. A lot of baby infected with such viruses or bacteria infection during that month (properly cause by bad weather)

Below were some of the photos taken during Sara admission in hospital. Look at poor sara's hand she had to be on dip for couple of days.

Pauline sacrifice alot during Sara's admission for the pass 4 days. she accompanied sara until she is fully recovered and discharge by doctor. look at 2 of them... pity (sob sob)...

After a couple of week, we went for a soft launch of semi d at Ampang. Look at the demo house. the architect purposely renovated a baby room at the 2nd floor. Sara was too busy playing in the baby room indeed and she refused to come out too. hahahahahah